Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Tracking Raven all over Los Gatos-- and a potential near miss

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Hi Everyone,
This is Monica, writing in with a brief summary so that my (very exhausted) husband will have one less thing to do tonight. It was day 3 with our canine tracking team, with almost 12 hours of searching until it was just too dark to go any further.

What we have learned today is that Raven is going all around the City of Los Gatos. She is very actively exploring, and has been downtown, to Oak Meadow Park, crossed over Hwy 17 to the neighborhood Southeast of the highway, etc.

Our tracker Jackie suggested that Raven may be scenting Mark and I, and that could possibly be why she is going all around the same area. In the morning we parked our van at Bean Ave and Bayview Ave, where we had suspended the search the previous night. We started searching from there in the morning, and left our car.

Amazingly, before the end of the day, RAVEN'S TRAIL WENT BY OUR PARKED CAR THREE TIMES!! Of course, we were not there, because we were out looking for her. Aaargh!! After the first pass, we hoped that maybe our dog was trying to find us too. I just stayed put at the minivan for about 30 minutes -- but unfortunately I had to leave then to drive to Alameda before Sofia's childcare closed.

We had three reported sightings of a black poodle in Los Gatos: one at the High School Monday night, and two Tuesday Morning at Rose Court (off of Saratoga Rd. near the Monte Sereno City Hall). However these are all unconfirmed. We learned late in the day that there is a Los Gatos resident who has a dog that looks a lot like Raven, and that it was potentially her dog that was spotted instead of Raven.

I'll end the post by mentioning how remarkable and truly touched Mark and I are about all of the help that we are receiving. The people that we've spoken with in Los Gatos have for the most part been very kind and concerned. Our good friend Elaine has knocked herself out and been side-by-side searching with us every step of the way. Our friends Sally and Tom have given us a place to stay, put the word out to many locals, and searched for Raven themselves.

Mark's brother Glenn has driven all the way from San Rafael (twice) to help with the search and putting up flyers. Monica's friend Cari brought flyers to pet stores. We have had friends of friends bring us lunch along the trail so that we could keep moving, and offers of donations towards the bill for the search dog team.

Most impressive of all, some people that we didn't know very well beforehand have really stepped up to help. Randi Plotner, Veronica Presedo-Floyd and Michelle of Bay Area Poodle Rescue have been looking for Raven, passing out flyers and cheering us along. Tomorrow they are joining the search, and I hope like anything that tomorrow is day that we find our Raven!!

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