Wednesday, October 28, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Raven spotted Monday in Los Gatos!

We're hot on Raven's tail... er trail again!

Mark heard from a nice woman named Vilma who said that she saw Raven Monday morning at the Lexington Elementary School which is at 19700 Santa Cruz Hwy in Los Gatos. Mark has rushed there and met up with our tracker, Jackie and her dogs. A few minutes ago the tracking dogs have picked up Raven's scent and so now they are back on her trail.

This is a wonderful development because we were about 2 weeks behind her on the trail and now we are only two days behind!

We also checked with the Poodle Rescue Volunteer who provided the photo of "what Raven might look like now" and I am happy to report that this dog has been in a new home for well over a year now.

This post was written jointly by Monica and Elaine.

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  1. I too have been following your blog from the first day posters were distributed, hoping for good news. Today's entry is exciting, fingers crossed