Thursday, October 1, 2009

Raven is Missing!

Thank you for taking the time to read about our dog Raven who went missing in San Jose, CA on Wednesday, September 30th, 2009 about 2pm in the afternoon near the intersection of Williams and Moorpark (near the border of Cupertino and close to Archbishop Mitty Highschool). It means a tremendous lot to us. With your help, we can hopefully recover her.


Mark Vigil Dombeck: (510) 325-6979
Monica Vigil Dombeck (510) 387-1367
Elaine (our friend who lives in San Jose): (408) 316-1125

If you have seen Raven, please call us!! Even if you are not able to hold on to her until you can summon us, or the Animal Control people, it will help us very much to know that she was seen in a particular place at a particular time. This will focus our search efforts.


Raven is a 6 year old Female Standard Poodle, Black in color (mostly pepper with just a little salt starting to creep in), and weighing approximately 45 pounds. The photo above was taken just a couple days ago and should be more or less exactly how she looks now (minus the wear of being lost).

Her hair is not cut in the conventional poodle fashion. Instead, we generally just shave her a uniform length save for her topnot. At present, her hair is quite long and she looks like a muppet. We were going to take her to get her hair cut in just a few days....

She is (or was) wearing a pink leather color which has tiny deeper pink pokadots on it. Suspended from the color are several metal tags, including:

1) an Alameda, CA Dog License (her license number is A001098)

2) several stamped metal tags with our cell phone numbers on them. I believe one of them says "I'm staying with Monica 510-387-1367 ". The other cell number would be mine (Mark) and that is 510-325-6979

Raven is also microchiped via the AVID company. AVID is aware that she is missing, and I have confirmed that our contact information with them is up-to-date.

Raven needs daily medication for a chronic medical condition! She's fine so long as she gets her daily medicine but without it, over time she will develop problems again which could become serious. That she has not had her medication for a couple days now lends urgency to the need for us to find her quickly.

Raven is a very friendly dog, but she is also somewhat of an anxious dog. When you first meet her, it is frequent that she will hold her distance and bark at you for a bit. Generally, offering her some cookies or similar tasty food (meat works well) will help break the ice.

Raven is not familiar with San Jose! We live in Alameda, CA far to the North. She frequently has visited San Jose to spend time with our friend Elaine and her dogs, but not to the point where she would be familiar with the Greater San Jose area.

WHAT HAPPENED (as we have pieced it together)

Our friend Elaine (a highly experienced dog owner) was dog-sitting Raven for a few days. In the early afternoon on Wednesday, 2009-09-30, our friend's two German Shepard Dogs (GSDs) and Raven managed to break through our friend's home's backyard fence (located within a block and a half of the intersection of Williams and Moorpark) and get into a neighboring yard. Something like the following happened:
  • The two GSDs found and ate some snail bait or similar poison and shortly thereafter had seizures, died and were found on the sidewalk. It is not clear if Raven ate any of the poision.

  • At around 2pm Raven managed to get herself into a neighbor's pool and could not get out. Barking furiously, she attracted the attention of some kindly PG&E employees who were nearby. They managed to fish her out of the water, but thereafter she bolted away from them.

  • A neighbor (located near the intersection of Moorpark and Hazel Dell Way) reported to us that she saw Raven moving along Junipero Serra Lane (parallel and just north of Moorpark; just south of 280) heading East. She is sure this was about 3pm.

This all we know, and the last we have word of her. Please contact us if you can help locate Raven, in any state, so that we can be reunited with her.


This is a very emotional loss and we are very frightened for the safety of our Raven. She is very much a full member of our family and her loss is horrible to contemplate. Dog owners will understand this.


We (Monica and I) have done the following to get the word out:
Starting Wednesday night, we started putting posters up with a photo of Raven, and our contact numbers. We did a lot more of this today (Thursday). Generally, we have focused on the area bounded by: 280 on the North, Lawrence Expressway to the West, Saratoga to the East (although I placed some posters further East of Saratoga this afternoon).

The posters say, and we will offer to anyone who is interested, that we are offering a reward of $500 USD for Raven's safe return, or information leading us directly to Raven's safe return.
I have been walking the neighborhoods in this area, calling her name and handing out more posters. No luck so far, but many people are sympathetic and have said they will help if they see her.

We have been to the San Jose Animal Care Center to register Raven as missing, and to do a physical tour of the present inmates there. Raven is not there as of this afternoon.
We called two other animal shelters in the area (the Silicon Valley Animal Control Authority in Santa Clara, and the Humane Society of Silicon Valley in Milpitas). Staff there who answered the phone said they were not aware of any dog being present there meeting Raven's description. Everyone we talk to (including shelter staffers) tell us that we need to do a physical inspection of all the shelters at least every other day. We are going to do that tomorrow (Friday), and on a going forward basis....

We have created this blog to serve as an information clearinghouse regarding Raven's loss.


If you live in the San Jose, CA area, please keep a careful eye out for Raven. She might be in your backyard or your neighbor's backyard or wandering the streets (dangerous!) near your house. Please tell your neighbors that Raven is Missing!

We hope that you will contribute any information you have about Raven's whereabouts here in the form of comments, and also any suggestions for further steps we might take to increase the odds of a safe reunion.

Post a link to this blog in your FACEBOOK, or tweet (or re-tweet) about it on TWITTER, so as to help get out the word. The more people in the Greater San Jose area who know to look out for Raven, the better her chances are (we hope).




  1. i hope you find your dog, i lost mine months ago and i recommend tons of posters it really works.

  2. I am so sorry to hear about this and I know exactly how you feel. Our dog went missing last Saturday and we thought she had been stolen (a pure black lab in redneck huntin' country? yeah...); thankfully she came back on her own.
    How frightening for your family and I'm sure your pup is scared too. I am in Missouri but I will send all the "get home safely vibes" I can! May Raven be found safe and sound!

  3. I'm in San Jose and am fanatic about my dogs ... sure understand how you're feeling. I will keep an eye out for Raven. My condolences also to the woman who lost her German Shepherds. Very, very sad.