Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A nice comment

Lots of folks have told us that they are checking this blog every day and hoping for good news. We would love nothing more than to actually have the best news and share it with everyone... but unfortunately, at least for today, we still have not found our Raven.

We are working on the ideas previously mentioned, and also trying to get some newspaper coverage for Raven's story.

I thought that I would share with everyone this very nice comment sent in by Leisha. It is messages like this one that keep us going in this darkest of times:

You guys have done a great job of getting the word out there. I have been following your blog since I first saw people putting up posters in Los Gatos many mornings ago. We have a black standard poodle too. And, everytime, and I do mean EVERYtime we take him out with us, we get stopped by people asking if it is Raven. I took our dog, Cooper to my daughters' school and so many kids were asking too. I had several tell me that they look for Raven when the walk to and from school. I am sharing this with you so in these tough times, you know all you have been doing is working. So many are looking, and hoping for Raven's safe return home. No matter what my girls and I are doing, we are always looking for her. You guys are really doing an amazing job! I am sending you good thoughts and prayers.

Thank you so much, Leisha. We really need all of the help that we can get!!

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  1. Here's another suggestion for trying to find Raven. Use K9 Amber Alert.
    It is a national group for lost and found dogs.


    Please read below of a recent K9 Amber Alert found dog:
    Happy news!!!! "Hammer" was found 9 days later, 16 miles from where he went missing, very skinny, ouchy feet but he'll be just fine. Thanks to all who kept an eye out for him and passed the word along. Dog people are truly the best!!!!!!