Sunday, October 11, 2009

BREAKING: Sighting @ Campbell Farmer's Market

BREAKING SIGHTING: We understand that a fellow "sergi" or "sergy" selling sausages near "Bistro Twist" at the Campbell Farmer's Market saw a "black poodle with a pink collar moving fast" this morning during setup. It's presently Sunday the 11th of October and the Market is still happening. A week ago she was sighted at this same market during the closing period (around 1-2 pm). We are heading down there as soon as we can with the hope of sighting her ourselves.

IF you are in the Campbell CA area and can respond with us, can you please?



  1. I don't live in California but a friend of mine spread your link on Twitter. I hope you find your puppy because I know how upset I would be if I lost my kitten. Best of Luck, I'll keep you two in my prayers.

    Rachel of Fl

  2. I'm a fellow Alamedan and I learned about Raven because I contacted Jackie about my lost cat (who has since returned home). I feel so bad for you guys and I'm hoping for Raven's safe return. I've been checking this blog daily hoping for news.
    I just had to comment to let you know that I'm thinking of you and Raven... and to let you know that I think the picture about Raven in SF and the below comment look like a cruel joke to me. It looks like someone flipped the third photo on the right column here and Photoshopped it on a picture of the Castro Street Fair. NOT cool. NOT funny. I'm so sorry people are doing this to you.
    Hope Raven is found! Best wishes.

  3. It was inevitable that the trolls would find this blog and attempt to have their fun. It's simple enough to delete their posts which is what I've done. Poodles do have a (undeserved) reputation as being "gay" dogs, or femmi dogs (really - they're just dogs) , so it is not even creative that a troll would want to play up that angle in photoshopped images. Some people are simply idiots who cannot relate to public displays of caring. We would not even be public in this fashion except that we need the help of good samaritans to find our dog.

  4. :-/ I don't blame you one bit. I'd do the same thing, and I *am* pulling for you guys to find her. If I were in the South Bay, I'd be keeping my eyes out for her. As it is, I'm hoping to see her around Alameda once you get her back. Thanks for the explanation and again, best of luck!!