Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday-- stakeout doldrums...

All, this is Monica. I started Day 4 of our dog food stakeout at about 5am this morning. Our wonderful friend Michelle came to relieve me at 7:30am (enabling me to make an appearance at work -- hooray!), and my mom took over at 1:30pm today.

So far we have still had no sign of Raven, and we are thinking that if she doesn't come by tonight, we will probably stop sitting in this one spot. It was a great idea, and the tracking showed that Raven had been by our stakeout location multiple times just recently before we started. So I guess it is just another stroke of bad luck that she may have moved on to another location just when we started our feeding station with the hopes of luring her back.

Anyway, we are at a very difficult and depressing point now. The tracking dogs are not available for three weeks, and by that time we would be so far behind Raven on the trail that it would be extremely difficult, or maybe even not possible, to catch up with her current location. We really don't know what to do next. It is pretty likely that she is in or near the Los Gatos Creek Trail, but neither our stakeout nor many, many hours of walking the area looking for Raven, calling her name etc. seems to be working. If anyone has suggestions for us, we are all ears! It is hard to know what to do at this time, that might have a chance of being successful. . . .

To end on an up note, I am attaching a photo of Raven dressed up as Tigger, which we did last year for Halloween. Raven is such a ham, she just loved being in costume and getting extra attention as we walked around the neighborhood while all of the kids were trick-or-treating. I still have this costume, and I also was given a Tigger costume that is the right size for our 18-month old daughter Sofia. I am hoping that we will find Raven in time, and this year we can have *two* Tiggers in our family for Halloween.


  1. I am wondering if she hasn't been picked up by someone who has her now...that might be the best thing you could hope for her if she has a new family and they take her to a vet for's strange she hasn't walked by your feeding spot for four days...very strange...if that was her new turf route...why don't you contact that communicator again to see if she can update you on any cogent news. Good luck...I try to catch up on the news at least once a day from you...I have a 22 month old black poodle who is 42 pounds and is her clone, honey, I feel you pain...because my Black Beauty is also a runner, a jumper and a flyer and I had to go to four and five feet fencing in my yard to contain her...

  2. I, too, feel your pain as well as your frustration. I'm much less accepting of the city of Campbell's position. I equate my dogs to my kids, and I know for sure if a child was missing, they would take a different position. Grrrr.

    I also think an animal communicator is desperately needed, but got the impression you got vague info from the one you used before.

    I have used Sue Goodrich for 10 years plus. She's not too airy fairy - well, for an animal communicator; they're airy fairy by nature. You can check her out at I wish you would. 760/751-2240

    I know you don't know me. I'm a BAPR volunteer and a long time friend of Randi and Gary's. I am certainly not much for the airy fairy, 'though I've become somewhat of a convert since I've been in rescue. I started out at least as skeptical as you are now.

    Anyway, that's what I know. I wish Raven were home. I really, really do.


  3. I don't know how far out you requested the robo calls to go, but I think I would concentrate on a larger perimeter. I haven't used the service but I saw on their website that you can request a larger or smaller service area. Maybe reconsider your search area and assume that the place last seen was Junipero Serra Lane, not the Farmer's Market. Not sure how far the market is from your friend's house but if someone can mistake my silver Standard Poodle for a bear (true story), a vendor might mistake someone's Lab for your Poodle. In any case, expand your search area and, for the time being, bag the Los Gatos Creek Trail except for the flyers and stuff you can put out and leave.
    The other thing I was wondering was if KOFY TV might run a Lost Dog announcement for you when they profile shelter and rescue dogs on Wednesdays? I've emailed a friend whose sister works for the station so maybe that is something they would be willing to do.
    I know you are getting emotionally exhausted. I lost my cat once. I only turned my back for a moment and he was gone. I looked hard for a month and it was just about the time I was thinking he was gone that he was found. As it turned out, the woman who found him had had him with her for the entire month and she worked at the Humane Society where i had been going everyday for that month, looking and asking. She never saw my ads or my form that they ask you to fill out. She lived about six blocks outside my search area. I thought he would not go THAT far, but he did. Had it not been for a Humane Society volunteer who overheard her discussing this cool cat that had adopted her front porch as his own, he may not have been found. So, have faith even when it seems too hard to go on, and change your search area.

  4. Ignore the pathetic attempts of lame people who are trying to discourage you/ridicule your situation.

    Have faith in the work you've done so far b/c it only takes one person to find her and return her. And they will. Raven is certainly cared for and loved - she is lucky to have a family like yours.

  5. Please keep the faith. You have done so much to bring Raven home that I can't help but feel that this will work out for you.

    I have been racking my brain for ideas of things that might help with the food stakeout. What about substituting raw steak or ground sirloin for the dog food? This might help to appeal to Raven's primal instincts since she is likely now in survival mode.

    With regard to the necessary 24 hour nature of the stakeout, what about posting an appeal on Craig's List for volunteers to work shifts? I am sure there are a number of dog lovers that would be willing to step up for a shift or two. We live in Alameda(I stumbled upon your situation via Mark Rogers' blog, and have been heartbroken for what you are going through.) and would be willing to do a shift if needed. I just really want you and Raven to be reunited.


  6. It is difficult if you have lost track of Raven. We have been spreading the word. We service the area of Los Gatos, Monte Sereno and Campbell every single day and every day we look! We will keep our eyes open. You have taken most possible steps. Keep checking the shelters, post on Craigslist, ... and keep spreading the news! We will do the same.

  7. perhaps the rest of the comments are applicable...that the communicator you used didn't give you very much to go should try another one, definitely, they do have special skills, Carol Schultz said to me ten days ago that she'd help you if you contacted her but she couldn't do that if you didn't. You can reach her at Carol I it, she's there...and she is one of the best. I took the class from her to learn the basics of the process...but I am certainly not qualified to do anything but get feelings and be a gut based amateur at this point.