Saturday, October 17, 2009

Friday Night/Saturday Morning Stake-out

Hello All. This is Monica and I am going to keep it very brief. We went out again yesterday on Raven's trail with Jackie Phillips and her team of tracking dogs. After a day and a half of tracking it appears that Raven is really staying near or in the same area. At Jackie's suggestion, we set up a "feeding station" in an attempt to get Raven to return again to a location where she had gone a few times. We got permission from the very kind neighbors first....

So Mark and I sat there all night long, literally, and stared at multiple plates of dog food! There was surprisingly little interest -- really just one cat. We saw a few raccoons, but they never actually approached to food or tried to eat any. Hmmmm. Anyway, we'll try to add more later, but right now we need to get back to the stakeout.

These photos show Mark with Jackie setting up the motion-detector camera. You can see our heroes Dino and Dot, the tracking dogs, in the shot with the camera set up on the fence.

Also, we have several wonderful helpers who are out at the Campbell Octoberfest trying to get out the news about Raven today.

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