Tuesday, October 13, 2009

rain slows down the search, but does not stop it

It rained like crazy throughout most of today just like the weather-people said it would. We had planned to go to work today and actually did both do that - both on account of the rain and because after spending most of the last two weeks searching in one capacity or another, things were piling up pretty high. I didn't end up getting that much done, however, as my mood was low and half-way through the day we had a power-outage which knocked me offline (I work from home). Can't work without electricity. After an hour it was time to pick our daughter up from daycare and do the evening routine. Life goes on even when you feel a bit shell-shocked.

Amazingly, though Monica and I were not actively searching today, some of our friends (new and old) who are more local to San Jose were.

Elaine continues to go out to Campbell in the early morning hours to see if Raven will walk by. She has her food dish and kibble to dump into it to make the sound that would normally bring Raven running. Today she noted that wet kibble doesn't make the same pleasing sound as dry kibble, and anyone outside trying this trick should bring a plastic bag. Though this is an overly serious feeling time, a little humorous observation does help to lighten the mood.

Mary Ann Monahan-Frank spent some time searching under bridges today and posting flyers (now water-proofed somehow).

Cathy Scott searched near where Dell is adjacent to the perk-ponds (along the trail south of Campbell).

Various people on our yahoo groups list contributed suggestions for new places to search and helped to continue to get the word out through other dog rescue groups and dog-related groups.

Towards the end of the day, at Randi Plotner's urging, people started to introduce themselves, as it had become apparent that many people on this newly formed list did not know each other. So people contributed their story and a little bit about how they could each best help. The common thread is, of course, a love for dogs. It is neat to see a new group come together.

I know this awful situation - to lose a treasured pet - is a universal thing that many pet owners can relate to (and which many have experienced too), but it is still unexpected and amazing that kind people who were strangers to us until very recently are out there helping us look for Raven - actually out in the pouring rain looking for a lost dog. We are so grateful and (in this aspect) fortunate.


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