Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Raven featured on TV!

We have been trying on so many different fronts to find Raven, and I realized that we never mentioned on this blog that our Raven was featured on television last Thursday!

Craig Herrera, a meteorologist at KNTV (which is NBC channel 11 for the Bay Area), was kind enough to show Raven's photo and talk about her for about 15 seconds during the early morning broadcast.

We are so thankful and feel very fortunate that we were able to get this coverage for Raven. I don't know how to get a clip of the video, but will try to post some photos...

Craig is a very nice guy -- I think that he is a dog lover himself -- and we are very grateful to him. We used Elaine's phone number (with her permission) for the broadcast, since she has the 408 area code. Elaine reports that she has gotten something like 200 calls since, but mostly it is people wishing us well or asking if Raven is found yet.

Anyway, we figure that the more people we have who know about Raven, the better!!


  1. That is awesome. Poor Elaine, with all the phone calls! But awesome coverage! :o) Judith

  2. I wonder if there isn't a local newspaper that you could get some coverage with a photo in. Call the editor and perhaps you can have them do a story on Raven and ask people to join you in the search...that's terrific about the TV story...the more who know what she looks like, the more eyes that are looking for her with you all.