Monday, October 12, 2009

Monday-- Still Searching on the Los Gatos Creek Trail

Before this whole crisis began, we had done a photo session with Raven and Elaine's two German Shepherd Dogs. This was part of a Pet Food Express promotion in which you make a donation to a rescue group, and then get a "My Mutt" poster displayed in a PFE store near you. Recently, we got the proof for the poster image from photographer Mark Rogers which appears above. Mark has been incredibly helpful and generous in letting us use his photos to aid in our search. Seeing this gorgeous image of our sweet dog Raven makes us want her back all the more....
Elaine's dogs Eva and Maya were with Raven when all three broke through a fence and got out of their back yard. Tragically, both Eva and Maya died within hours. We loved these dogs too and miss them terribly. It is remarkable how you can go from contented happy times to distressed times in a heartbeat.

This is Monica writing. Again, thank you everyone for your continuing interest and help in finding Raven. We did a lot a searching today, but unfortunately no luck so far.

This morning our friends Elaine and Lynore stationed themselves in downtown Campbell and waited from 5am to 8am in the hopes that Raven might show up, foraging for food. Starting at about noon, Mark was in Campbell and walked WAY down the Los Gatos Creek Trail and back, calling Raven's name and looking for her the whole time.

The pet detective Jackie has told us that sometimes lost dogs get so scared and traumatized that they might not even answer their owner's call.... This was a big concern for us and we were not sure how to deal with it. Mark had a great idea this morning: he took Raven's stainless steel food dish and a handful of dry kibble and is repeatedly dropping the kibble into the dish as he walks along. That makes a distinctive sound, and Raven would always come running to us when she heard that at home. Maybe we can use this to get a reflexive response from her, even if she is scared to death....

We put in a big effort today and were really hoping to find her. There is a big storm coming to the Bay Area, 2-4 inches of rain in the next 2 days, and we feel awful that our baby dog will be out, exposed to all of that. You can only do so much, though, and we are trying everything.


  1. My heart goes out to you. I live just over in Saratoga and will continue to keep my eyes open and be on alert, particularly when I'm in Los Gatos. I'll be praying for Raven too, particularly during this storm! Poor sweetie. :( Big big hug!

  2. My lost dog hid when we called his name. I think he thoiught I was made. When I reverted to his baby talk (high pitched puppy, puppy, puppy) he came to me and I caught him. Having the searchers walk with dogs that Raven knows will help too. Good Luck! Karen