Thursday, October 29, 2009

Thursday Mid-day Update

Mark, Jackie and the tracking dogs are back out on Raven's trail again right now. I checked in with Mark when they broke for lunch, and he said that the trail went through some very marshy areas so that they spent a lot of the morning wading through the muck. Now she has gotten away from that and back onto solid ground.

Unfortunately the dog food that we left at the fire station was untouched overnight, so Raven did not return there. Her movements seem kid of frantic and random now, so we think that she is just desperately hungry and searching for food. I really wish that she would stay in one place -- it would be so much easier to find her and help her.

We are also really hoping that she heads back to the more populated and developed areas of Los Gatos. I don't know about all of you, but seeing that photo that Mark posted of the large animal prints in the area has made me even more scared for Raven's safety. I hope that she will go back towards town where she will be away from large, predatory animals....

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