Sunday, October 25, 2009

More searching, no luck

Hello all. Mark and I have gone back to our day jobs. Had to go back to ensure that there would be something to go back to...!! Anyway, we were out this weekend with Sofia and Elaine and walked the Los Gatos Creek Trail once again looking for Raven. Still no luck.

We are coming up with strategies for what to do next, and have the following ideas:

1. raise the reward amount

2. advertise in more local newspapers and publications

3. do a direct mail campaign in the targeted area of Campbell and Los Gatos

4. contact an animal communicator again

We are pursuing all of these things, and are eternally grateful to our team of friends and volunteers that are helping us with them.

We have not had a sighting of Raven in 2 weeks now, which is depressing and scary. We are still hoping that Raven will be found and that she can return home to our family soon.

I think the most important thing that we can do is keep talking to people, posting flyers and generally trying to raise awareness about Raven in the Campbell and Los Gatos areas. This will increase the chances that someone might see her and give us a call -- which could also be the basis for re-starting tracking from a new and updated location.

Thank you so much for your interest and your help.



  1. Someone said Summit Vet had a sign up they found a dog - though I don't know how she'd get way up there! Best of luck. I live near the LG trail near the dam end of Vasona and will keep my eyes peeled for Raven!

  2. Our family was in downtown LG this weekend and saw Raven's flyers up everywhere. There was a dog-group event so there were a ton of dog-people there and I'm sure the flyers got great exposure.

    When we lost our huskies, we were told to put "microchips activated" on the flyers/posters b/c some people think that microchips are like GPS. The thought was that message coupled with "REWARD" may cause someone to turn the dogs rather than keep them.

    Keep your hopes up!

  3. I would try sending your story and her picture to all of the vet offices in Campbell, Los Gatos and others that in the general vacinity. If someone finds her and doesn't check with animal control to see if she was reported missing, one of the local vets may see her as a new patient.

    Best of luck to you!

  4. I am so sorry to have read that...but not surprised since you hadn't written anything in so many days...hopefully, she has been found by someone who is taking care of her somewheres now...and that you will know more as time goes by to make you feel okay about the situation...I look at the blog every day to hopefully see if she has been sighted but the fact she hasn't, in in itself, information of a sort...she is certainly not where she's been, for one reason or another, that cannot be denied...and of course, the good news is still that no one has discovered her no longer alive...that gives you the incentive to just keep plugging along for the time being...

  5. I would suggest, if there's any kind of dog event, to try to attend or send someone. For example, recently there was a dog-in-the-park event in San Jose(forgot the name) and literally hundreds of dogs were there. Also start checking out more dog parks. There's a particularly large and popular dog park on Camden Ave. called Butcher Park. My gut feeling is that someone may have picked up Raven. I hate to say that, yet since no sighting lately, it has me wondering.
    I've gone out along the Los Gatos Trail. I'll keep looking. Don't give up!