Friday, December 4, 2009

Raven is still lost -- $1,500 reward for her safe return

Well, with a heavy heart, I have to report that there is basically no news. Raven was spotted last on November 2nd near the Lexington Elementary School in Los Gatos.

It has been over a month now and we have not had any sightings or verifiable information about her. She may have traveled a long distance by now, or she may be in the Los Gatos/Santa Cruz/San Jose area still.

We have been in contact with an animal communicator, who reports that Raven is with a family that picked her up and drove her some distance to their home. This could mean that she is some distance away, but then again there is just no way to know if this is true. Mark and I both hope it is true, in a way, because this would be better than her being out there on her own still, possibly injured, hungry and/or cold.

We miss our dog terribly. She is a real member of the family. We still hope that somehow we will be able to get her back. She is chipped and, at the time of her loss, was wearing a pink collar with tags bearing both of our cell phone numbers. We would greatly appreciate anything that you could do to help us find her, and we would like nothing more than to pay someone the reward money and be reunited with our sweet baby dog.

Monica and Mark


  1. I know your heartbreak. I pray for an answer as to where Raven is.

  2. Just wanted to let you know that it is possible to survive in teh Santa Cruz mountains. Three years ago, our Labrador "Dory" used to stay outside all day while we were at work. One day it snowed, and either the new white color spooked her or covered all of her familiar scents. Either way, she ran away.

    We searched for her for ten days in the Redwood Estates area where she live, and on day ten we decided that she was permanently gone. We gathered up all of her things and had conversations with our two little girls to explain that Dory was not going to come back.

    That night, I heard barking at 3am. Sure enough, it was our Dory. She had somehow found her way back home. She was emaciated, and looked like a living skeleton. I took here to the vet that morning and they gave her the once-over. 32 ticks and a battery of shots later, she was as right as rain and has been with us ever since.

    Interesting enough, she no longer like to go outside, and would just as well spend all of her time in the house.

    Just wanted to share that story with you. I know your Raven has been gone much longer, but it is possible to survive out in the mountains.

    Lenny B.

  3. Thank you for sharing your experience. I know that everyone following this story was thinking about what kind of effect the snowy weather would have on her if she is outside. Your words are comforting.

  4. Put your contact information in this blog and in every bit of info you post. I may be able to help you but you keep posting things without any contact info.

    Cassie Maas